Im a junior student in United Arab university.. studing computer Engineering.. i have a ig like to learn how to bulid WWW
sites ,, i asked my instructor for his advice about how to bulid an interactive page and he directed me to have this book
(Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0) which i purchased from amazon.com, telling me how good this book is ... but unfortunatly
my instructor went back to the USA and did not come back ?? ( i wonder Y ???? )... and now im stucked in a very silly
problem and i need an advice from the wrox staff if it is possible ............. ?

first i would like u to know that im using IE 5 and i downloaded Personal Web server fron microsoft.com as mentioned in the

and i got this name on my personal web manger ( http://ns2 )

pic1.jpg (17938 bytes)

and i want to know if i can change the name or not ,, and how can i do it ??  i changed the name in the (control panel/network/identification ) but it did not work ?? was that the wright way ?? .. and what do u mean by the machine name ??

-my big problem is i cant view an asp file after creating it using frontpage or notepad... i did exactly like mentiond in the book , and i faced the same prob;lem mentioned in page 29 ,,, every time i press on the file  (punctual.asp) front page opens ??

pic2.jpg (35398 bytes)

so i did like what was writtin , and i refrenced my URL to ( http://ns2/BegASP/punctual.asp ),, but this is what i always get ..

pic3.jpg (41427 bytes)

... please . how can i veiw the asp file i have created ?? yes i know my problem is very silly , but im just a student ,, and this is my first real step into this huge field ,,, and i strongly want to learn how to make  a nice interactive page in this   very hot very long summer vacation ............


if u have any advices or suggesttions  for me ,,, i will be so so so happy and greatful for that, any small thing ,, will help me even if u think it is a silly info ...and everybody knows it,, like we say ,,, learn from the PROS ,,



Tuesday  , may/25/99